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If you are a car race lover who gets excited at roaring engines, tires screeches, spinning wheels and the pungent smell of burnt rubber then this is great news for you. Presenting to you; the world’s first ever rotary forged drag racing wheel F14 series. This is a huge way to kick off 2017 for the Forgestar brand. The F14 wheels are available in 15 and 17 diameter and features wheels widths with the best fitments for racing applications. No matter the horse power the beast is able to generate, the F14 wheels can take the heats.

Specifications for the currently available Sizes are as follows

15” diameter wheel

  • Width 15 x 3.75 – 15 x10
  • Offset -29 – 44
  • Concavity semi- super deep
  • Weight 12.9 LBS – 15.6 lbs.

17” diameter wheel

  • Width 17 x 4.5 – 17 x 10.5
  • Offset 25 – 70
  • Concavity all semi
  • Weight 15.8lbs – 20.44lbs

Every race wheels has specific pointers which serve as an advantage when it comes to achieving the optimum speed and balance required for drag racing. The F14 boasts of a few added advantages such as these:

Light weight

The lighter weight of a vehicle the better its speed and accelerations. The Forgestar applies a revolutionary technology with the rotary forged wheels creating a light weight alloy which gives race cars that extra lightness they need to build radical speed.

Tire bead seating

The hazards of an improperly seated tire bead are numerous. It is especially pertinent to race wheels due to the slams and bumps experienced at wind breaking speed. The tire goes through a lot of elastic pressure and wheel stress. The Forgestar comes with a proper bead seating which makes room for tires to get a better grip on surface.

Weight ranking

F14 wheels have more rating in comparison to cost racing wheels due to its ability to perform with a significantly heavier load. Vehicles are able to take more weight stress. The Forgestar brand with over 30 years of experience understands the crux of wheel efficiency and durability. This has earned the brand high ratings in the drag racing world.


MST Wheels Review

Motor Sport Technology, also known as MST, is always flaunting their thirty years’ experience in making top quality wheel. Car enthusiasts are usually very interested in MST wheels for the good experience and never disappointing quality. Even if they are a little underpriced, a lot of users would probably say that it’s worth the money. They are affordable enough for customers to actually own a lot of sets. That being said the MST, they also take the worry out of buying new wheels because you know you’re going to get the fit you need in the end. Pick out a design you like and buy with confidence. This aspect is very like-able. They also are a little more scale realistic I have to say. They have scale lug nuts and spoke designs are just daintier giving them more of that full size wheel feel. Also the rear of the wheel is not hindered with a retention system so they have a more open look about them. I have run into people who could not run the Super Rims with their scale big brake kits. The MSTs would not have this issue. Customers might be a little hesitant when buying the wheels because of “other” car experts saying that these wheels are not good enough. Apparently, they are better than loads of wheels. These are fancy wheels but of good quality and resistant. For example, the Flori Set of MST wheels has five other options that customers will have when looking around. One wheel costs around hundred dollars so four set would roughly cost four hundred dollars and maximum five hundred dollars if we take into consideration any other costs. The price of the wheels differs from type to type. For example, the MT01 wheels cost one hundred and fifty nine dollars. So, it depends on the consumer on how he wants his wheels to be.

However, these wheels are well fitted and the alignment is made to perfection thus allowing you to enjoy a very safe, cost effective and efficient ride at all times. This allows you the opportunity to save so much money while at the same time promoting vehicle performance which is optimal. The wheels are made so well in all aspects, thus offering you great service at all times. Choosing the best MST wheel that is a perfect fit for your vehicle will enhance how the vehicle looks, its performance and also its style. MST wheels are able to offer a very wide range of non-staggered and staggered wheel fitments. It is important that you understand the fitment details and information so as to go for the wheels that are just perfect for your specific model and car size. These MST wheels are mounted on any Hot Bodies TC-D, instantly makes the chassis look a lot better and more JDM styled. The offset is not marked on the wheels, but are listed at 6mm. The difference about these wheels is the lack of an outer lip for the tires to seat into, similar to HPI’s, Speedway pals, or other standard RC wheels. Instead the tire sits sag around the entire surface of the rim, so tires such as the T-drifts will not be able to mount onto these wheels. The silver black finish is very durable and resists chipping, even after bumping directly into the walls.

The Great Angle CS Tires perform very well on carpet and asphalt, but are too slippery for really smooth surfaces. These tires generate less heat when drifting on carpet (compared to Yokomo drift rings, HPI T-drifts or Tamiya drift tires). This characteristic allows them to perform very consistently on carpet for long periods of time. On asphalt/tarmac the wheels perform quite well, they do not generate as much heat as T-drifts, but has longer life because of the harder compound. Overall a very good set of tires, especially for carpet drifting. These MST wheels are very well priced, durable and with a good quality finish. The price and quality of these wheels and tires makes them a very affordable alternative. Therefore, Performance wise they work as expected. Mounting them up is a breeze as it always is with MST wheels. They just fit their tires perfectly and if you use their mounting tool, it really becomes a low stress affair. No worries about destroying wheels or tires in the process. MST is on point as far as the wheel and tire combo.

MST has already started a fantastic line of chassis and option parts, so introducing a line-up of wheels only makes them stronger in the market. The wheels are very durable with a nice shiny black chrome style finish. The great CS angle tires are most ideal for carpet drifting but can be used for other rougher surfaces also. These wheels are a standard hex style so they are inter changeable with other touring and drift cars. MST has continued to add new stylish and different products to the RC Drift market, so be sure to keep up to date on their new additions.

With all the other functions and prices discussed above, it is important to note that MST tried its best to brought great wheels in the market and has not much disappointed its customers. Yes, of course, you are free to try other wheels first before finding the best one for your car. Being a car enthusiast comes with loads of other worries and your fellow car enthusiasts and the car product producers understand it. Usually these things fluctuate with time and more advanced technology, it’s hard for both consumers and makers to be updated with everything but that shouldn’t stop you from buying the best for your car. It ranges from expensive to affordable and from so-so quality to hats off quality. It does get hard to find the perfect part for our car but one thing that could be assured that you won’t regret buying MST wheels for your car. You and your car would end up having a great experience.


Topic: Rebel Racing Wheels

With more than 30 years of experience, Rebel Racing is established with the essential standard of giving the auto lovers around the globe with top quality wheels at reasonable costs. Here at MST Wheels, they are auto fans as well, and that is the reason they comprehend the goals and necessities of the regular shopper. They take pride in their gathering and first rate benefit. Quality is their main target with regards to wheels. Before generation, every one of their wheels experience FEM Analysis which dissects the quality of each wheel that they outline. At that point after starting throwing they will experience a progression of physical testing like outspread weakness test, affect test, and corning test, and so on to decide if they can discharge this specific outline for large scale manufacturing. All these testing guarantee that the greater part of their items are beat quality and prepared for any track or street utilize. They likewise give restricted life time auxiliary guarantee for every one of their items.

They comprehend there are a considerable measure of wheel organizations out there, yet what makes them emerge is their first rate benefit, their group is here for us at all circumstances to help us with any inquiries we may have. They have encountered sellers all around the globe that can help us with picking and fitting the wheels we like. Here at Rebel Racing, they have more than 30 years of involvement in assembling aluminum composite wheels, yet that is not all. Their enthusiasm for what they do is the thing that makes them emerge from the others, as auto fans they need to stand one next to the other with us, to make our auto stand-out, and whatever our need they are here to satisfy our longing.

Acquiring wheels does not need to be an overwhelming errand. You can without much of a stretch request your Rebel wheels on the web. Simply take as much time as is needed while picking the ones you need so you will get the best alternative accessible for your cash.Regardless of how rich your vehicle is, whether it doesn’t have quality wheels, it won’t work the way it is required to work. Maybe, of all the moving parts that cooperate in your vehicle, the wheels convey the most imperative capacity. A wheel works at the same time to get you to and from your goal. It goes about as the middle person between your auto and the street for they transport the motor’s vitality into forward movement. A wheel should likewise withstand monstrous strengths every which way to keep your vehicle dependably in charge. So trust Rebel Wheels to keep your vehicle running easily.

In the event that we discuss wheels, the discourse definitely incorporates tires. Most drivers generally put in new wheels for two regular reasons – for style and to utilize expansive tires. Nowadays, custom wheels are winding up noticeably to a great degree prevalent. While choosing substitution, reseller’s exchange or custom Rebel wheels, there are diverse elements that must be considered. The edge width, balance, sort of wheel, right limit, breadth and jolt examples are the essential things that must be considered while choosing new wheels.

Surveys of more current, fancier Rebel wheels are an enjoyment here on Choice Wheels. They attempt to audit new wheels as regularly as could be allowed and additionally new make and models of vehicles. They need to pull in more auto nuts to Choice Wheels, so they have more fans and companions to converse with and cooperative with.

Many Rebel Authorized Dealers offer Free Shipping on their in-stock requests. With a touch of research, you ought to have the capacity to discover Wholesale Rebel Wheels and Rims or if nothing else, you ought to never need to pay full retail cost! It pays to look around, marked down Rebel Wheels at a bargain will spare you bunches of cash. On the off chance that the cost of new Rebel edges is still out of your financial plan, you might need to consider purchasing Used Rebel Wheels on eBay, or check your nearby arranged postings for different deals.

This is the reason buyers regularly search for a discount set of Rebel wheels. Kajiji, E-narrows and Craigslist are great spots to locate an arrangement of markdown edges. When searching for the best give, it pays to look around! Choice Wheels is a magnificent place to discover rebate haggles, incorporating wheel bundles with focus tops, amalgam wheels, custom haggle and a great deal more. When introducing another arrangement of Rebel edges or wheels on your vehicle, frequently spending plan is a section to consider.

All Rebel Racing Rims are designed, tried, and produced to principles in light of OEM rules. Revolt Racing remains behind items with an industry-driving Limited Warranty that components a Lifetime ensure against basic imperfections.

Every painted wheel conveys a 1 year restricted guarantee. All guarantees begin as indicated by the creation date of the wheel. All wheels accompany a constrained lifetime guarantee on basic harms on the wheel. Certain Factors that don’t fall under guarantee scope incorporate, yet not constrained to: Cases: Damage brought about by establishment Harm cause by pot gaps or unpredictable driving surfaces Utilization of resistant chemicals when cleaning the wheels Harm brought on by outside articles ( torques, knifes, tire irons, and so on.) All guarantee issues are subjected to review by MST administration to decide whether product(s) is secured under organization guarantee approach.

Rebel Racing highlights extraordinary styles for lifted trucks. Notwithstanding forefront styles, all WSS wheels are built, tried, and fabricated to our correct norms in view of OEM rules. They remain behind their items with an industry-driving Limited Warranty that components a Lifetime ensure against basic imperfections. When you buy a Rebel wheel you can rest guaranteed that you’re getting extraordinary styling and an astounding item that will keep going the length of your energy does.The cost of the Rebel Racing is very shoddy. And in addition, it is extremely sharp to utilize.

Lab Wheels

Option Lab Wheels is one of the trendiest wheel companies out there. Option Lab Wheels was founded in April of 2013.  It is the latest line up of performance oriented wheels under Direct Wheel Source.  Direct Wheel Source is a manufacturer and importer with over thirty years of experience specializing in both OEM and aftermarket aluminum alloy wheels.

Every Option Lab Wheel is made by Enthusiasts for Enthusiasts.  They thrive on delivering the latest design, proven manufacturing process, and rigid testing procedure while keeping the wheels affordable. Team at Direct Wheel Source is dedicated to deliver the best in aftermarket alloy wheels.

All of Option Lab Wheels are Low Pressure Cast, designed to meet or exceed the American SAE J2530, DOT-T and Japanese JWL/VIA standard. Put every wheel that we design through the vigorous tests, so you can have a worry free ownership experience. Each wheel is backed with a limited lifetime structural warranty, as well as a 1 year warranty on paint finish.

Being car enthusiasts ourselves, we take part in our local HPDE, and Time Attack event as well as other events around the country.  By interacting with fellow enthusiasts at these events, we are able to develop products that you, the driver, need the most without exhausting your entire budget!

There might be customers begging to differ but let’s just understand why this particular tag was given to them. They keep themselves updated with the changing car enthusiasts. Obviously, it is hard when technology is changing with God speed but the effort and hard work put into keeping up with the technology and trying to please the customers is sky high. The more improvements car manufacturers bring in the market, the more important it gets from the wheel producers to help the drivers have an amazing experience. So, we could first see as to what Option Lab Wheels do.

Let’s take S409 Cobblestone Grey Option Lab Wheels – the black tinted color on the wheels gives it a nice and stylish look with the ease to the eye. It matches the color with the car that you have and also Option Lab Wheels gives you 1 year warranty on the paint finishes. What sets each Option Lab Wheel apart from the competition is our 3-stage paint process; after each wheel comes off the CNC machine, it is laid on a conveyor belt with the lug pocket covered.  While the wheels are on the belt, a spinner spins the wheel at a constant pace to allow the robotic arm to spray a coat of primer onto the wheel from various angles which allows the paint to stick to the bare metal surface. The robotic arm has a huge advantage over human operation in consistency; this minimizes the chance of uneven coating such as drips or unpainted surface.  Then, each wheel will move through an oven to cure the primer.  Afterwards, multiple coats of automotive paint will be sprayed through a High Velocity Low Pressure gun similar to painting of a car.  After the paint has once again cured through the oven, clear coat is applied to prevent discoloring, rust or corrosion on the wheel.  The procedure is also similar to that of Powder Coating, but liquid paint is used instead of powder.

Apart from this, it gives you a limited lifetime structural warranty. It weighs 26 lb and the Center bore: is 73.1mm for all bolt pattern and the Lug Pocket is 29mm diameter w/60 degree taper conical seat. All of this is for just $189. For a lot of customers, money is a huge factor when it comes to buying the best parts for their cars and car enthusiasts know that wheels are expensive. But, for the best of your car, this amount is worth it. Especially when your car looks really good and it’s a comfortable ride, you’d know that you spent your money on good wheels. Wheels obviously affect the car’s performance, especially on roads that are not properly fixed. It is important for a car to have a proper set of wheels which would help the car have a greater longevity.

Moreover, At Option Lab Wheels, we start every completed concept design off with computer simulated stress test also known as the Finite Element Analysis (FEA).  This computer simulation allows us to see where the stress point, if any, is on the wheel.  After mold completion, a small batch of wheels will be casted for testing purpose as computer simulation is merely a simulation.  We put all of our wheels through three major tests – Impact, Cornering, and Radial Fatigue.

Impact test is performed with a heavy piece of steel dropped onto the face of the wheel at an angle. This test simulates instances where the vehicle hits the curb, and the spokes must remain intact and not separated from the barrel.  The cornering test is performed by shaking the spokes laterally at high frequency to simulate the vehicle being driven through a corner at high speed/stress.  The radial test is performed with tire mounted on the wheel and spinning it for thousands of revolution to simulate the stress of the wheel on a vehicle while carrying all passengers and cargo.

So, it would be actually a good choice to pick up this as your car’s wheel and get a good experience for not only driving but for the betterment of your car.


Are you known as a trend setter when it comes to lifestyle? Does your personality really reflect in every product or service you purchase? Do you have a reputation for style and displaying the classy crazy? If the answer is yes then this should also reflect in your choice of cars and most importantly your choice of wheels. That distinction and conspicuousness that gets you noticed can be achieved by making the right choice in wheels. The radi8 brand of automobile wheels represents nothing but elegance and grandeur. Its sleekness is such a seductive spectacle devised to ensnare its audience. This brand of wheel is definitely in a class of its own. The ideas and concept behind the Radi8 brand is the projection of human personality into their own vehicle by the looks of their wheels. Hence individuality is the watchword in the manufacturing of these wheels. Imagine having wheels that depict your status as an individual. It transcends the position of just car wheels. It presents its audience with a “wow factor” as it carries a certain reflection of trend and majesty. Definitely a worthy match for that luxury car you are about to purchase.

The Radi8 brand of wheels, over the years has earned themselves the hallowed position of pacesetters as they continue to take the market by surprise with quality wheels. As a USA brand, the Radi8 Company takes pride in delivering quality products with an immeasurable passion for the business that could only breed perfection. The meticulously engineered wheels come in various eye-gouging designs, colors, width and finishes. The finishes are exquisite and exude professionalism. These wheels are made of solid alloy which is known for its strength, durability and lightness in weight which is a factor when it comes to vehicle speed. Radi8 wheels are a must-have for all luxury vehicles.